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Media & Film Studies Dictionary | Glossary »

Richard Gent | Wednesday August 24, 2011

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Documentary Definitions »

Richard Gent | Wednesday January 24, 2018

Categories: GCSE, A Level, Analysis, Film Analysis, Dictionary, Media & Film Studies Dictionary, Films & Case Studies, Non-Hollywood Films, Super Size Me, World Cinema, Man With A Movie Camera, Genres & Case Studies, Documentary, New Spec


Realism: The ‘kind’ of reality produced by a media text

Mediation: The process whereby media texts select and construct the world through different techniques

Documentary encodes versions of reality that are mediated into our individual context. Realism is a term that does not always apply to what is actually real, but to degrees of realism and audiences’ expectations of reality.

Documentary Modes of Representation

In “Representing Reality,...

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GCSE Film Language »

Gill Clayton | Saturday September 03, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Dictionary, Media & Film Studies Dictionary, Hot Entries, Key Concepts, Film Language


FilmEdu GCSE Film Language.doc

Camera Shots

Establishing Shot - ES - Establishes where, when and who of a sequence of film.

Long Shot - LS - The subject being filmed can be seen from head to foot in their surroundings.

Mid/medium Shot - MS - Classic newsreader shot. A person can be seen from the waist upwards. We can still see some of the setting.

Close Up - CU - The subject fills the screen. We cannot see much of the background.

Big/Extreme Close...

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