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Media & Film Studies Dictionary | Glossary »

Richard Gent | Wednesday August 24, 2011

Categories: Dictionary, Media & Film Studies Dictionary

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Documentary Definitions »

Richard Gent | Wednesday January 24, 2018

Categories: GCSE, A Level, Analysis, Film Analysis, Dictionary, Media & Film Studies Dictionary, Films & Case Studies, Non-Hollywood Films, Super Size Me, World Cinema, Man With A Movie Camera, Genres & Case Studies, Documentary, New Spec


Realism: The ‘kind’ of reality produced by a media text

Mediation: The process whereby media texts select and construct the world through different techniques

Documentary encodes versions of reality that are mediated into our individual context. Realism is a term that does not always apply to what is actually real, but to degrees of realism and audiences’ expectations of reality.

Documentary Modes of Representation

In “Representing Reality, Issues and Concepts in Documentary”, Bill Nichols 1991 (Indiana University Press) argues there are four documentary modes...

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GCSE Film Language »

Gill Clayton | Saturday September 03, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Dictionary, Media & Film Studies Dictionary, Hot Entries, Key Concepts, Film Language


FilmEdu GCSE Film Language.doc

Camera Shots

Establishing Shot - ES - Establishes where, when and who of a sequence of film.

Long Shot - LS - The subject being filmed can be seen from head to foot in their surroundings.

Mid/medium Shot - MS - Classic newsreader shot. A person can be seen from the waist upwards. We can still see some of the setting.

Close Up - CU - The subject fills the screen. We cannot see much of the background.

Big/Extreme Close Up - BCU/ECU - A small detail fills the screen: an insect on a leaf, an eye

Point of View Shot - POV - The shot is from a...

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