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Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans Single Film Study »

jclarke | Sunday September 08, 2019

Categories: EDUQAS A Level, Silent Era, Genres & Case Studies, A Level, Films & Case Studies, Romance, Comedy, Silent, Drama, Film Analysis, Analysis

YouTube link to trailer: Copyright © 2019 Edusites. All rights reserved. Permission granted to reproduce for educational use within the subscribing school only. Copying or lending of any part of this document in any form or by any means to external bodies and / or individuals is prohibited. Context There’s an idea (elegantly expressed by the novelist Italo Calvino) that’s worth engaging with and returning to quite often in relation to…
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Man with a Movie Camera Case Study »

Rob Miller | Tuesday November 01, 2011

Categories: EDUQAS A Level, EDUQAS A2, Genres & Case Studies, World Cinema, A Level, Films & Case Studies, Silent, Documentary, Man With A Movie Camera, Film Analysis, Classic, Analysis, Independent

Spectatorship and Documentary Synopsis and Character Profiles Man with a Movie Camera is an innovative silent 1929 Documentary, set in a number of cities in the Soviet Union, including Odessa (near where Eisenstein shot the iconic Odessa Steps sequence in Battleship Potemkin). Fundamentally, and on a manifest level, it is about a day in the life of a city and audiences are introduced to a city literally waking up – individuals washing and bathing, Tram Sheds opening, tramps waking up on park…
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