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iTraining | Teaching Photography »

nicoleponsford | Wednesday November 16, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, An Introduction to Digital Cameras, Photography

For WJEC Film Studies, you may initially think you need only to teach film. The internal assessment does allow you to do this, but for example with the tasks for GCSE only one is a moving image piece specifically - the rest you can choose to create digital still images aka photography. You will find some helpful activities for this already on the site: Producing Printed Image Texts Digital Cameras and Photography This an excellent guide for using cameras and the appropriate language /…
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Digital Cameras and Photography »

Paul Bradforth | Monday September 12, 2011

Categories: An Introduction to Digital Cameras, Photography, Production Zone, Print Production

Early history Digital cameras have been around since about 1985. Then, they were bulky, with tiny resolutions and big prices, and were mainly for specialist applications only. By 1997 we began to see the kind of camera we’re used to today: compact, pocket-sized, but with a resolution of only around a third of a Megapixel, not enough to print from successfully, although fine for Web use. Things really started to take off around 1999, with many 1-3 Megapixel compacts on the market. DSLRs…
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