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WJEC A2 FM4 Section C Single Film Critical Study | Talk To Her - Almodovar, 2002 »

jclarke | Friday May 09, 2014

Categories: EDUQAS A Level, EDUQAS A2, Genres & Case Studies, World Cinema, Talk To Her, A Level, Hot Entries, Films & Case Studies, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Film Analysis, Key Concepts, Analysis, Representation, Audience, Film Language

click on image to enlarge In this resource we will consider the film Talk To Her (2002) and explore some aspects of its film style, by which we mean the choices made by the filmmakers in their deployment of sound and visual elements in the construction of the narrative. As such, we are considering how storytelling devices express a range of meanings and values embodied within the drama. Talk To Her offers an opportunity for us to think about how film (and non Hollywood films, particularly)…
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