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Understanding Storyboarding »

jeremy | Tuesday September 12, 2017

Categories: A Level Film, Moving Image Production, An Introduction to Storyboarding, Production Zone, Storyboarding

A Level Storyboarding Pre-production Item | Storyboard Example Brief: Create a storyboard (and video trailer) for a TV Crime Drama The pre-production brief is to create a storyboard. Students should create a storyboard that shows as much detail as possible including camera instructions with details of camera movement, shot duration, content, details of audio tracks and details of transitions between frames. This guide opens with a screenshot of the first three frames of a storyboard below that…
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Film Studies Apps »

Richard Gent | Friday January 18, 2013

Categories: A Level, GCSE, Hot Entries, Film Research, Research, Key Concepts, Moving Image Production, Film Language, An Introduction to Storyboarding, Production Zone, Print Production, Scriptwriting, An Introduction to Scriptwriting, Storyboarding

Here are some apps that are used in and out of the Film Studies classroom. We’ve attempted to find links to the different operating systems to help identify if the version you need exists. Language Close Up Film Language Glossary iOS The Close-Up Film Language Glossary of the well-known German Educational Publishers Schöningh provides clear and concise definitions of essential film language terms used in basic and advanced film courses. Though geared for use in high school (particular…
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