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Making a Short Film

jclarke | Thursday January 25, 2018

Categories: GCSE Film, IB Film Resources, Teacher Blogs, IB, A Level, Hot Entries, Film Library

With the NEA in mind we have put together a list of things for your students to think about when they approach their filmmaking work for both Eduqas and OCR. There’s a nice opportunity from the very beginning of this work to encourage and support your students in recognising the connection between their own creative work and particular examples from films that they have studied which can inform their creative choices. In turn this will become useful for their reflective analysis and will help students think about the connection between their creative work and the wider creative ‘context’ in which they are working.

Looking just a little bit ahead, for those students with an interest in undergraduate filmmaking these ways of thinking are hugely pertinent and might make a useful component of their UCAS applications when they are writing their personal statement.

OK, here goes: the Edusites breakdown of what to think about when students are developing their short film project:

  • When making a short film remember this: less is typically more. Do not attempt to compress a feature length plot into a short film of 3-4 minutes.
  • Think about a subject that you care about: is there something in your local community?
  • Think of a genre that might allow you to shape a story around just one or two characters
  • A page of script roughly equates to one minute of screen time.
  • Emphasise action over dialogue

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