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Morag Larsen | Saturday January 19, 2019

Categories: Teacher Blogs

Once a week our Edusites Film writers really let loose and give us their thoughts on studying film, trending issues, anniversaries and gritty revision and exam talk. If you like what you read, then get comfortable and upgrade to star seating by becoming an Edusites Member with a yearly department subscription for £95.94 or a monthly individual subscription for just £5.99. This will unlock access to all our A Level and IB Film teaching resources. Sit back and enjoy our latest blogs…
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Making a Short Film »

jclarke | Thursday January 25, 2018

Categories: A Level, IB, IB Film Resources, Teacher Blogs

With the NEA in mind we have put together a list of things for your students to think about when they approach their filmmaking work for both Eduqas and OCR. There’s a nice opportunity from the very beginning of this work to encourage and support your students in recognising the connection between their own creative work and particular examples from films that they have studied which can inform their creative choices. In turn this will become useful for their reflective analysis and will…
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