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IB Film Theory, History and Textual Analysis »

Richard Gent | Friday January 26, 2018

Categories: IB Film, IB, IB Film Resources, Analysis, Film History, Film Industry, Films & Case Studies, American, Hollywood Films, Non-Hollywood Films, Silent Era, World Cinema, Genres & Case Studies, Key Concepts, Audience, Film Language, Genre, Narrative, Representation, Key Skills, Research, Film Research, Theory, Auteur Theory, Film Theory, Queer Theory, Spectatorship Theory

So what do we need to do for students and teachers to perform brilliantly?

Our resources are a guide to producing critically autonomous students who gain a wide range of skills in the study of film and truly make the transition from film fan to film student.

Reading film

  • Examine film as an art form, studying a broad range of film texts from a variety of cultural contexts and analysing how film elements combine to create meaning.


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