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Amores Perros (Love’s A Bitch) Case Study »

Rob Miller | Monday October 31, 2011

Categories: EDUQAS A Level, EDUQAS A2, Genres & Case Studies, Amores Perros, Gangster, World Cinema, A Level, Films & Case Studies, Thriller, Romance, Drama, Film Analysis, Analysis

Urban Stories: Power, Poverty and Conflict Synopsis and Character Profiles Amores Perros is a film about a three interconnected stories in Mexico City that borrow from, or arguably make, intertextual references to Pulp Fiction in terms of the non linear narrative. A car crash is the pivotal scene that involves, and effects, all three narratives and serves as a narrative arc – in Story 1 (like Pulp Fiction chapter headings are used) Octavio and Susana fall for each other, but not before Susana…
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