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IB Unit 3 Film

Emily Prentice | Wednesday October 17, 2018


Film Theory, History and Textual Analysis:

Audience and Spectatorship

Content Overview

  • Cultural Context*
  • Film Elements

Assessment Overview

  • Which assessment objectives are covered in this unit?
Denotated with *
  • Cinematography*
  • Critical Response and Reception*
  • Editing*
  • Filmmakers’ influences, intentions and vision*
  • Genre, codes and conventions*
  • Mise-en-Scene*
  • Motifs, Symbols and Themes*
  • Narrative Structure*
  • Sound

Assessment Objectives in Practice - which elements does this course cover?

  • An understanding of the variety of ways in which film creates meaning
  • An understanding of the effective use of appropriate film language
  • Originality and creativity in developing an idea through the various stages of film-making, from conception to finished production
  • Technical skills and appropriate use of available technology
  • The ability to draw together knowledge, skills, research, and experience, and apply them analytically to evaluate film texts.

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Online Slides: Unit 3 25 Lessons

Teacher Plan: Unit 3 25 Lessons

Teacher Assessment Materials

Screenplay Format

Files to print for Students

IB Film Student Guide: Unit 3 25 Lessons

IB Film Student Workbook: Unit 3

Screenplay Format

A brief note on using these Edusites materials:

  • The Student Guide and Workbook have been designed for each student to use for the duration of this Unit. Once printed each student can take ownership of their learning and progress, to allow teachers to fully focus on delivering and discussing the topics and theories. They should act as an excellent revision aid to prepare for exams.
  • The Student Guide mirrors the lessons being taught from the slides and give the students all the essential revision notes they need. It also outlines the Home Learning at the end of each lesson to ensure they have all the information/guidance they need for independent learning.
  • The Student Workbook provides tables,...

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