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Belfast | Case Study »

Richard Gent | Wednesday September 20, 2023

Categories: EDUQAS A Level, A Level, Film Library

In studying the film Belfast, we are considering a film that’s regarded as a contemporary ‘classic’. Upon its original cinema release the film enjoyed a largely enthusiastic response and it also served to remind us of how a film / popular culture can engage audiences in, at least, the fundamentals of complicated political and social conflict and its tensions. The film takes a politically nuanced moment in place and time and focuses it through a personal story. Belfast is a film…
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Making a Short Film »

jclarke | Thursday January 25, 2018

Categories: GCSE Film, IB Film Resources, Teacher Blogs, IB, A Level, Hot Entries, Film Library

With the NEA in mind we have put together a list of things for your students to think about when they approach their filmmaking work for both Eduqas and OCR. There’s a nice opportunity from the very beginning of this work to encourage and support your students in recognising the connection between their own creative work and particular examples from films that they have studied which can inform their creative choices. In turn this will become useful for their reflective analysis and will…
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Spectatorship Documentaries »

karenardouin | Monday June 10, 2013

Categories: Hot Entries, Films & Case Studies, Documentary, Independent, Film Library

click on image to enlarge With reference to the films you have studied for this topic, how far can it be said that different kinds of documentaries offer different kinds of spectator experiences? The spectator experience is dependent on a number of factors including environment of reception for example (where it is seen) and specifically purpose, whether to entertain, inform, educate or persuade. Documentaries are diverse in content and can suggest degrees of realism. Mediated content is often…
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Goodbye Lenin Case Study »

vikiwalden | Thursday August 25, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Hot Entries, Films & Case Studies, Goodbye Lenin, Non-Hollywood Films, Film Library

Non-Hollywood Films Case Study | Goodbye Lenin Synopsis Goodbye Lenin spans the period from October 1989 to late 1990, from just before the fall of the Berlin Wall to full reunification.  Alex lives with his sister Ariane, her daughter Paula and his mother, Christiane. Their father apparently abandoned the family and fled to the West in 1978. Christiane is a great supporter of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (the Party which rules East Germany), when walking through the streets of…
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Bend It Like Beckham Case Study »

vikiwalden | Thursday August 25, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Hot Entries, Films & Case Studies, Bend It Like Beckham, Non-Hollywood Films, Film Library

Non-Hollywood Films Case Study | Bend It Like Beckham Synopsis Jesminder (Jess) is a Sikh Indian girl living in Hounslow, South East London. Her only dream is to be a footballer and to be able to “bend it (the ball) like Beckham?. Whilst playing football with her male friends in the park one day Juliette (Jules), another keen female footballer spots her and invites her to trial for Hounslow Harriets (The local girls’ team). This is a fantastic opportunity for Jess, but she is torn…
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