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Bend It Like Beckham Case Study

vikiwalden | Thursday August 25, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Hot Entries, Films & Case Studies, Bend It Like Beckham, Non-Hollywood Films, Film Library

Non-Hollywood Films Case Study | Bend It Like Beckham



Jesminder (Jess) is a Sikh Indian girl living in Hounslow, South East London. Her only dream is to be a footballer and to be able to “bend it (the ball) like Beckham?. Whilst playing football with her male friends in the park one day Juliette (Jules), another keen female footballer spots her and invites her to trial for Hounslow Harriets (The local girls’ team). This is a fantastic opportunity for Jess, but she is torn between the traditional Sikh culture and the role her mother wants her to play, and a potential career in football.

For Jess’ mother, a good Indian girl should be able to cook beautiful food, should look feminine and should get married. Both her mother and father press the importance of study on her, and hope she will get her ABB grades in order to go on to study to be a solicitor. Her sister, Pinky, is the complete opposite to Jess, her marriage to Teetu is a love match, not arranged, but she is continuously sneaking off with her finance. Jules, like Jess suffers similar conflict with her mother, who wants her to be interested in boys, push up bras and make-up.

Jess is seen with Jules at the bus stop by Teetu’s parents who are driving past, and, because of Jules’ short hair, they mistake her for a white boy (a ‘Ghora’). Shocked at Jess’ shameful behaviour, they report it to her parents and call off the marriage between Pinky and Teetu. Outraged, Pinky tells their parents that Jess is playing football, and her mother campaigns to turn Jess back into a good girl. However, with the help of her friends, the coach Joe and eventually her sister, Jess sneaks off to matches, finally heading to Hamburg, Germany with the team. They lose the match due to Jess missing…

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