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Last Minute Questions Eduqas Component 1 - Varieties of Film and Filmmaking »

Emily Prentice | Monday June 03, 2019

Categories: A Level, EDUQAS A Level, Component 1 Varieties of Film and Filmmaking, Section A (Hollywood 1930-1990 Comparative Study), Section B (American film since 2005 Two Film Study), Section C (British film since 1995 Two Film Study, Mock Exams, A Level Mock Exams, A Level Film

Section A: Hollywood 1930-1990 (comparative study) 1(a)     Compare how far your chosen films can be understood  as the work of auteur directors. 1(b)     Compare how your chosen films represent gender in the selection and combinations made in cinematography and mise-en-scene. Section B: American Film since 2005 (two-film study) 2(a)     How far do your chosen films enable diversity in spectator response?  Refer in detail to at…
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