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Teaser Trailer Analysis: Deadpool

Morag Larsen | Friday January 25, 2019

Categories: Codes & Conventions, Analysis, Film Trailers, Films & Case Studies, Hollywood Films, Deadpool

Deadpool (2016)

Yes, it is a superhero film, albeit with spoof elements, fully deserving of the hybrid description of superhero/comedy. As officially the 8th film in the X-Men franchise it takes a satirical look at the genre, whilst also following the codes and conventions within a familiar formula – Wade Wilson wears a superhero costume that could be argued is a cross between Iron Man and Superman, he has special powers (a classic convention), the film is produced by Marvel (a superhero stable), has a narrative that sets good versus evil and is set in American cities with significant action sequences.

Comparisons can be made to the 2010 spoof superhero film, Kick-Ass in how it offers humour as its primary audience appeal and defies convention by attracting a BBFC 15 certificate. Both Wade Wilson and Dave (Kick-Ass) are losers in that Dave is a vulnerable teenager while Wade has terminal cancer, is tortured during his ‘cure’ by Ajax, impaled and left for dead and disfigured. He is represented as a mercenary who has a choice once diagnosed with cancer: to go through degenerative mutation that gives him accelerated healing superpowers, or potentially, die. As a result of the treatment his body becomes scarred which is how the film explores notions of difference. Wade Wilson/Deadpool talks to the audience throughout the film, moving away from convention in this regard but keeping the audience on his side.

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