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A Level Film Studies Revision Part 1 - Knowledge Organisers

Morag Larsen | Tuesday March 26, 2019

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, EDUQAS A Level, A Level Film

Welcome to the Edusites Revision Series

Part 1: Knowledge Organisers

We have teamed up with a passionate film teacher, Nat, to create Revision support you might like alot!

'The exam reports from the Summer 2018 AS exams identified areas for development which may well be similar for the A Level students taking the exam this summer. I certainly identified with some of the issues as they were very similar to ones I had seen on the student attempts at the Mock exams.

  • A knowledge organiser (KO) sets out the important, useful and powerful knowledge on a topic on a single page.
  • Each of the films listed have an Edusites printable knowledge organiser for your convenience.

So each knowledge organiser has sections of the exam report under each of the headings we identified for exam responses. They don't have to use it and if you have other ideas do get in touch with Edusites but I found that this scaffolding offers my students pointers when working with the case study to identify the important information to memorise.'

Mondrian's Abstraction Tree Drawing Number One

One of the joys of studying anything is the meandering through the subject matter discussing development and decision making in the discipline. This is where I started in September of 2017 with an excellent class of smart first years (I work in a College) who had chosen to come to us to pursue, amongst other subjects, Film Studies A Level. It is my third-year…

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