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Last Minute Questions Eduqas Component 1 - Varieties of Film and Filmmaking

Emily Prentice | Monday June 03, 2019

Categories: EDUQAS A Level, A Level Film, A Level, Mock Exams, A Level Mock Exams

Section A: Hollywood 1930-1990 (comparative study)

  • 1(a)     Compare how far your chosen films can be understood  as the work of auteur directors.
  • 1(b)     Compare how your chosen films represent gender in the selection and combinations made in cinematography and mise-en-scene.

Section B: American Film since 2005 (two-film study)

  • 2(a)     How far do your chosen films enable diversity in spectator response?  Refer in detail to at least one sequence from each film.
  • 2(b)     How far do your chosen films convey ideologies?  Refer in detail to at least one sequence from each film.

Section C: British Film since 1995 (two-film study)

  • 3(a)     How useful is the narrative structure of your chosen films in offering the spectator psychological insight into the main character(s)?
  • 3(b)     How useful are aspects of film poetics in making clear ideological perspectives of filmmakers in your chosen films?

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