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Teaching Film with Edusites

Barry Rainsford | Wednesday September 13, 2017

Categories: OCR A Level, EDUQAS A Level, A Level Film, Film Industry, A Level, Films & Case Studies, Mise-en-Scene, Genre, Narrative, Key Skills, Editing, Pre-Production, Planning, Cinematography, Film Analysis, Key Concepts, Analysis, Posters, Representation, Audience, Film Theory, Film Language, Spectatorship Theory, Queer Theory, Auteur Theory, Theory

The Edusites programme of study for A Level Film has been designed to provide a Core Unit for each term to help students develop the right level of knowledge and understanding of the key critical approaches and all the framework concepts of narrative, genre, representations, and spectatorship. 

Our NEA Support Materials will focus on Making a Short Film for OCR NEA and Production for Eduqas NEA.

Edusites A Level Film Programme of Study: