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Teaching A Level Film with Edusites

Barry Rainsford | Wednesday March 21, 2018

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, Analysis, Film Analysis, Film Industry, Films & Case Studies, Key Concepts, Audience, Film Language, Genre, Narrative, Representation, Key Skills, Cinematography, Editing, Filming, Mise-en-Scene, Planning, Pre-Production, Reflective Analysis, New Spec, Posters, Theory, Auteur Theory, Film Theory, Queer Theory, Spectatorship Theory, Theorists

The Edusites programme of study for A Level Film has been designed to provide a Core Unit for each term to help students develop the right level of knowledge and understanding of the key critical approaches and all the framework concepts of narrative, genre, representations, and spectatorship. 

Our NEA Support Materials will focus on Making a Short Film for OCR NEA and Production for Eduqas NEA.

Edusites A Level Film Programme of Study:

  • Unit 1 Language+

  • Unit 2 Representations+

  • Unit 3 Audience+

  • Unit 4 Genre & Industry+

  • Unit 5 Ideology+

  • Mock Exam Assessment Packs

  • NEA Support Materials

The intention of the programme of study is to enable learners to demonstrate knowledge and understanding.

This must involve learners exploring:

  • a diverse range of film
  • the significance of film and film practice in national, global and historical contexts
  • film and its key contexts (social, cultural, political, historical technological)
  • how films generate meaning and response
  • film as commercial product and as artistic expression
  • the different ways in which spectators respond to film.

It also aims to enable learners to:

  • apply critical approaches to film and
  • apply knowledge and understanding of film through either filmmaking or screenwriting

Supporting Case Studies

The Edusites OCR and Edusites Eduqas (WJEC) Film Case Study pages introduce learners to a wide range of the specified films from different national cinemas, from the Silent Era to the present day, incorporating different film forms (shorts, experimental, documentary and fiction) and produced by a diverse variety of authors. They reflect the diversity of film culture through both filmmakers and the films they make. The wide choice of films offered includes films by women directors and films which represent particular ethnic and cultural experiences.


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