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Yasmin Case Study »

vikiwalden | Monday November 05, 2012

Categories: GCSE, WJEC GCSE, Films & Case Studies, Non-Hollywood Films, Yasmin, Genres & Case Studies, British Film, Drama, Independent, Hot Entries, Key Concepts, Audience, Film Language, Representation

Paper 2 | Non-Hollywood Film | Yasmin Synopsis The opening of Yasmin reveals a Britain where racism prevails. Khalid and his son (Nasir) open the shutter of the family shop, which has been coated in racist graffiti. Nas proceeds to sing morning prayers – his voice echoes over the city and surrounding hills through the loud speaker - calling everyone to prayer. Several Muslims are seen hurriedly preparing, except one - Yasmin. In a field, just outside of town, she swaps her hijab for skinny…
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