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OCR H410 A Level Film Component 02 Critical Approaches Mark Scheme Section C

wobrien | Saturday November 19, 2016

Categories: EDUQAS A Level, A Level

A Level Film Studies

H410/02 Critical Approaches Section C

Edusites Sample Mark Scheme with Indicative Content

Time allowed: 2 hours

Maximum Mark: 105

Marking Instructions

For answers marked by levels of response:

a) To determine the level – start at the highest level and work down until you reach the level that matches the answer

b) To determine the mark within the level, consider the following:

Subject–specific Marking Instructions

Levels of Response targeting AO1 and AO2

Where a mark scheme targets marks at AO1 and AO2, there is no requirement for a response to be awarded in the same level for AO1 as for AO2, so for example a response could be awarded Level 3 for AO1 and Level 2 for AO2.

Set film not stated in an answer.

Where the set film has not been stated examiners should read through each candidate response fully. In the majority of cases it should be implicitly clear which set film the candidate is referring to through examples and references to sequences and characters. In this case the examiner can credit the answer appropriately against the mark scheme.

  • If it is not clear which set film the candidate has referred to then the candidate’s response is limited to a maximum of the top of the middle level mark band.
  • If it is clear the candidate has not referred to a set film at all then zero marks should be credited.

Component 02: Critical Approaches Assessment Objectives

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