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Press Release | New Book From James Clarke On The Cinema of James Cameron

Richard Gent | Wednesday May 14, 2014

Categories: Hot Entries

FilmEdu and MediaEdu writer, James Clarke, sees the publication of his new book this June. Entitled Bodies in Heroic Motion: The Cinema of James Cameron the project is published by Columbia University Press imprint Wallflower Press.

“The very first writing that I had published in print about movies was with Wallflower Press, back in 2001, so this is a really welcome ‘full circle’ moment for me.? James explains. “The new book, I think, is written to be accessible to undergraduates and whilst it’s definitely a ‘Film Studies’ title I think it might also be of interest to those pursuing study in around literature and aspects of the broader culture. If you enjoy science fiction movies, though, the book might be especially appealing. In a way, what I realized, as I was writing the book, was that in large part it’s a real celebration of why science fiction movies are so satisfying and repay multiple viewings.?

The book takes each of writer-director James Cameron’s films and explores their cinematic, thematic and broader cultural interest. “The idea is to place the films within a wider frame that takes in science fiction, fantasy and also the idea of what it is to live in a world that’s so wrapped up with technology that’s becoming evermore fused with our day to day experience.? James explains. “Whilst I was writing the book I realized that what was really compelling to me about the films being discussed was their emphasis on what it takes to live an authentic life. I’ve always enjoyed the ways that the most fantastical narratives can sometimes provide especially vivid ways to deal with the ‘real’ world. “

The new book is James’s second published title within the last twelve months and he has another currently in the works. “It’s a book about a cult film that I’m always surprised that so many people don’t know about; which is why it’s a cult film, of course. ?

James has taught Film Studies at the University of Sussex and the University of Gloucestershire and he has also worked as Course Leader of Film and Screen Media at Hereford College of Arts and of screenwriting at the University of Warwick.

Read more about the new book at:

Bodies in Heroic Motion: The Cinema of James Cameron is due to be published on June 11th 2014.

About James

James Clarke is the writer of the books The Films of Pixar Animation Studio (published in October 2013), Movie Movements: Films That Changed the World of Cinema and The Virgin Film Guide: War Films, amongst other titles. His writing has been published in magazines such as Moviescope, Empire, SFX, 3D World, The Times Higher Education and Resurgence.

He has taught Film Studies at the University of Sussex and the University of Gloucestershire. More recently he has taught screenwriting for the short film at the University of Warwick. James is co-writer of the short film Chasing Cotards and he has recently directed and produced a short-film adaptation of The Tempest for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and has written and produced a number of short-film documentaries about British writers. Amongst other media projects, he is currently completing a new film-book project and is also working on a series of new short film pieces for the British Council. He is also in the earliest stages of developing a feature film screenplay.

As a speaker, he has recently been involved with the BFI Film Academy initiative and also with the work of arts and creative industry charity Ideas Tap and he has given lectures for the British Council and the British Library. James was educated at the University of Warwick, where he studied Film and Literature and at the University of Bristol where he studied Film and TV Production as a postgraduate.