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WJEC AS Film Studies FM2 US Cinema Comparative Study: Precious and Milk

vikiwalden | Tuesday November 29, 2011

Categories: A Level, EDUQAS A Level, EDUQAS AS, FM2, Analysis, Film Analysis, Films & Case Studies, American, Precious, Milk, Genres & Case Studies, Magical Realism, Social Realism, Hot Entries


There will be a choice of two questions for this final section of the exam; you need only answer one question. One usually asks you to focus on narrative and / or genre, whilst the other will reference themes or messages and values.

Unlike the other exam questions, for Section C it is imperative that you compare the two texts, so you will want to clearly define similarities and contrasts between the two in your plan. You should quantify why such similarities and contrasts exist by referring to the production context of each text.

A grid format is an excellent planning system for comparative studies; it is useful to state key areas you may need to refer to regarding each film down the far left column so that you do not miss anything out. Then you should write everything you can including as much theory and film language in each box, making sure you make reference to the macro elements: genre, narrative, themes and the production context. After you have written your plan, select the 2 or 3 key ideas you want to discuss for each film. Make you sure you noted a key scene you use to illustrate each idea and number these in your plan, in the order you will discuss them in your essay.

Your introduction should refer to the title, name both of your films and briefly mention the 2 or 3 key points you are going to make in terms of comparing them.  The essay notes below should serve as a good starting point for developing an essay, you may need to be selective on which paragraphs or rows you refer to depending on the essay question.


Themes and Representations


Stereotypes of Black (and other ethnic groups) lower classes in Harlem, USA as unproductive, anti-white,  social degenerates, underachievers and violent. The film however attempts to break these stereotypes through the character Precious, who despite her unfortunate social position is adamant that she will live a good life and create a good life for her children. The film’s...

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