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IB Film Unit 1 Section B Lessons 15-24 Teacher Plan

Emily Prentice | Sunday October 16, 2016

Categories: IB Film Resources, IB

Lesson Fifteen: Narrative

20 Slides


  • Knowledge : To develop ideas about narrative
  • Learning : To evolve higher level ideas of how to use narrative to study meanings
  • Understanding : To develop understanding by completing analysis of products

Starter/Loop Activity (5 Minutes)

Slide 3 Task 15A Pupils asked to respond to the task from the Lesson Resource: Analysis of Harry Potter still. Students to write response in books/ folders.

Prepare the Learning (5 Minutes)

Share the objectives. Remind students of the objectives we are working towards meeting. (1) Feedback as appropriate on the starter task as directed Q&A – no hands up policy here, please. (2) Feedback on work last lesson and (3) any feedback from assessment of the Home Learning tasks set thus far.

Construct the Learning (35 Minutes discussion: paired task: Q&A)

Slides 6-10 Propp and his character spheres. This will be highly familiar from GCSE for those who took that course. We need to review and explore Propp at Advanced Level for meaning. In the set films, any discussions of roles of characters will be very important in how audiences decode meanings of films. Propp is the common language for this, even if he is not always directly mentioned. We also need to steer them from just naming Propp and the learnt roles.

Focus on Slide 11 and the prompts there, especially of the students have taken GCSE. These are key to evolving their perceptions of prop and how to use and critique these ideas and models.

Slide 12 Task 15B Sets a task to develop practice.

Slides 13-18 We need them to understand Levi-Strauss for similar reasons as Propp. Binary Opposition can be seen as simplistic model, but is, in fact, a highly complex theoretical device…

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