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IB Film Unit 1 Section A Lessons 1-14 Teacher Plan

Emily Prentice | Sunday October 16, 2016

Categories: IB, IB Film Resources, Film History, Film Industry, Key Concepts, Audience, Film Language, Genre, Narrative, Representation, Key Skills, Cinematography, Editing, Filming, Mise-en-Scene, Planning, Pre-Production, Reflective Analysis

All work refers to the Edusites Lesson Resource Slides Pack.

Lesson One: The Tool Kit

13 Slides


  • Knowledge : To start acquisition of the Film Studies Film Language tool kit
  • Learning : To build ideas of how to study film through its products
  • Understanding : To consolidate understanding by completing analysis of products

Starter/Loop Activity (5 minutes)

Slide 3 Task 1A Pupils asked to respond to the task from the Lesson Resource: Analysis of film still of Will Smith. Students to write response in books/folders.

Prepare the Learning (5 Minutes)

Share the objectives. Remind students of the objectives we are working towards meeting. We will be focusing on the students learning how to apply their knowledge to demonstrate their understanding. We will be using their familiar format of ‘Preparing for Learning: Our Focus Today’ and ‘Constructing our Learning: Rethinking our Knowledge’.

Construct the Learning (15 Minutes)

Slides 6-11 Task 1B We start with establishing some basic principles of connotation and denotation. Once these are established Slide 8 adds in context to support early development of this issues that we will be evolving with greater complexity during the course. Slides 9-10 present some of the key issues they need to become used to considering in these lessons.

Application of Learning (25 Minutes pair/feedback to class/individual work)

Task 1C and 1D: Slides 12-13.

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