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Exploring and Creating: Evaluative Analysis

Rob Miller | Tuesday November 01, 2016

Categories: GCSE, WJEC GCSE, Analysis

This resource is to be used in conjunction with the in-depth Unit 2 Controlled Assessment Guide.

3 productions will be evaluated:

  1. Short 2-minute Film Sequence which creates tension or atmosphere
  2. School Magazine Feature based on the production of the film – 2 pages including star/director interviews, biographies, and at least two captioned images
  3. Poster Campaign for the film – 3 different posters

These productions will be evaluated using the key questions below:

  • How did your production meet its aims/purpose?
  • If part of a group, can you clarify your individual contribution?
  • How did you use technical and creative skills (choose key moments from the production)?
  • How did you reference codes and conventions?
  • How did you demonstrate film language?
  • How did you create an awareness of organisations?
  • How did you reference and target audiences?

Short 2-Minute Film Sequence

We filmed and edited the 2-minute opening sequence of a thriller to establish genre and to create narrative enigma. My role was camera operator as part of a group of 4 while we all contributed to decisions made during editing. We were fortunate enough to film the sequence using a Canon XF 100 Professional High Definition Camcorder but understand that work at this level could have been completed with a much cheaper camcorder. The software we used to edit the sequence was Final Cut Pro X that our editor had used herself before. As camera operator, I was able to learn about how to frame shots such as close ups and extreme close up at the start of the film (Marvin’s startled face) but also how to pull an establishing shot as in the shot of the images where the action is set.

It was important to maintain audience interest by establishing genre conventions right from the start. We did this by using eerie non-diegetic music (Massive Attack’s ‘Angel’ – copyright requested from Virgin Records) as Marvin nervously walks through the images. A low angle hand held tracking...

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