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Romeo and Juliet Case Study »

Viki Walden | Tuesday November 08, 2011

Categories: Analysis, Film Analysis, Films & Case Studies, Hollywood Films, Romeo and Juliet, Genres & Case Studies, Crime, Drama, Romance, Hot Entries, CCEA, CCEA Case Studies



A television news report provides the prologue / chorus for Romeo and Juliet, introducing the tale of the “star-crossed lovers”. The city of Verona is divided by a feud between the two wealthiest businessmen - Lord Capulet and Lord Montague.

As the Montagues arrive in a petrol station, they are met by the Capulets. Whilst Benvolio (leader of the Montagues) tries to maintain peace, Tybalt (leader of the Capulets and “King of Cats”) cannot be persuaded and leads them into battle. Tybalt shoots one of the Montagues as they drive away. As the petrol station...

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