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X-Men (2000) Case Study

vikiwalden | Saturday October 22, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Films & Case Studies, Hollywood Films, X-Men, Genres & Case Studies, Superhero, Hot Entries

Paper 1 | Superhero Films Case Study | X-Men



X-Men starts with a young Eric (Magneto) being taken prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp. He notices that this is not a work camp, but something much more sinister when he sees prisoners in stripped uniforms and numbered tattoos.

Eric struggles to free himself from the group and is restrained by two soldiers; he watches his family marched off to the gas chamber, as he uses his powers to collapse the camp’s gate.

Cut to: the present time, a young girl, Marie gets close to her boyfriend for the first time, but as she kisses him he stops breathing.

Meanwhile, a debate commences in Washington DC about Mutant registration. Magneto and Charles Xavier are both in the crowd, after the conference they discuss their conflicting views on humanity, whilst Charles still searches for hope, Magneto is clear- there is a war.

Having run away from home Marie arrives in Laughlin City- a seedy, dangerous city fraught with violence and drunkenness. She witnesses Wolverine win a cage fighting tournament and later spots him in a bar. A man accuses Wolverine of being a Mutant and demands his money back; both Wolverine and Marie attack the men. They both flee.

Driving along the road Wolverine hears a noise coming from his trailer and discovers Marie. He tells her to leave and drives off, but soon feels guilty and offers her a ride. Marie introduces herself as Rouge. The truck crashes and Wolverine is attacked by Sabertooth (Magneto’s henchman), whilst Rogue is trapped in the truck which has caught fire. Just in time, Cyclops and Storm save them both, taking them to Charles Xavier’s school for the gifted.

Wolverine awakes in the medical unit and attacks Dr Jane Grey. He escapes, but Xavier beckons him to his office using his telepathic powers and explains their situation. Xavier believes Magneto wants Wolverine for his plans. Meanwhile, Mystique, one of Magneto’s companions attacks Senator...

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