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WJEC GCSE Film Studies Paper 2 Exploring Film Outside Hollywood A* Exemplar (Full Marks)

Rob Miller | Tuesday September 13, 2016

Categories: GCSE, WJEC GCSE


(a) Identify one important place in your chosen film. (2 marks)

Rainer’s home is an important place in the film as an adult contrast to the school, pool and classroom environments.

(b) Briefly describe this place. (3 marks)

Anke arrives with flowers while Tim and Rainer are preparing food in the kitchen of their home; Rainer’s home represents a form of domesticity and normality. It is a home where Rainer and Anke both live together as a couple and provides a brief haven for Tim after punks confront him and he draws a pistol on them. Tim arrives outside Rainer’s leafy home where we hear the diegetic sound of birds singing as he (Tim) is invited in. During dinner the home is seen as a secure environment despite the fact that Tim has gone there to offer to be Rainer’s bodyguard. They eat together and drink wine at a dining table while shots of the house reveal books and wooden flooring. The house is only unusual in that it is a houseboat moored on a lake.

(c) Explain how the place that you have described relates to the themes or issues of your chosen film. (5 marks)

Rainer and Anke’s home represents togetherness and content domesticity, something that Tim does not have. The theme of marginalisation is developed as Tim goes to Rainer’s home, almost to seek out parental support. Rainer has become a father figure to Tim and tells him he can come to him and talk about anything while it is clear the student-teacher relationship has become far too close. Anke sees this and ensures that Rainer ejects him from the house after dinner only to find him sleeping outside in the morning. This reflects the disproportionate effect of Rainer’s dictatorial control on the group as Tim worships him as their leader. His vulnerability has been exploited.

Their home later in the film is important in developing the theme of conformity and social control as Anke comes home to accuse Rainer of going too far and ironically lacking control. They...

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