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WJEC AS Film Studies FM2 British and American Film Exemplar

karenardouin | Monday March 17, 2014

Categories: A Level, EDUQAS A Level, EDUQAS AS, FM2, Section B: British Film Topics, Analysis, Film Analysis, Genres & Case Studies, British Film, Hot Entries, Key Concepts, Audience, Film Language, Representation

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Answer three questions – one from each section

Section A – Producers and Audiences

Study the items in Part B of the resource material, which include:

  • Poster for Cowboys & Aliens, released in 2011
  • Extract from a blog discussing film genre
  • Forum discussion on movie genres.

Use this material, together with your own studies, to answer the following question:

How important is genre for audiences and producers? [40 marks]

Item 1: Poster for Cowboys and Aliens, released in 2011

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Item 2: Extract from a blog discussing film genre

  • Modern films often mix genres but traditional genre films still have dedicated fans that support them in magazines and websites.
  • Film genres are very useful in marketing. Films that are difficult to categorise into a genre are less successful.
  • Hollywood story consultant John Truby says; “Successful scripts which know how to use ad go beyond genre conventions can give the audience the sense of originality and surprise?.


Item 3: Forum Discussion on movie genres

Comedy and Action Adventure – Top Genres with the Highest Market Share

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Forum Discussion:

Wishwriter: 9.27am.
This chart proves it – Comedies rule! Everybody loves a comedy, that’s why they sell.

SonofScorcese: 10.09am
A straight action movie with no comedy or romance would be boring.

PlainJane: 10.30am
Genre make choosing films easier though. How else would I get out of the video store in under an hour?

Tarantinofangirl: 10.41am
Sometimes I choose a film because of its genre but mostly because of who’s made it.

Indiekid: 11.01
I don’t want to watch predictable films. I want movies that surprise me.
- adapted from

Example Answer

Genres are a form of identification for the audience, in order for them to ‘identify’ in a type of film.  Producers will use this information in order to maximize the selling potential...

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