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WJEC AS Film Studies FM1 Exploring Film Form

Rob Miller | Friday March 14, 2014

Categories: A Level, EDUQAS A Level, EDUQAS AS, FM1, Analysis, Film Analysis, Films & Case Studies, Non-Hollywood Films, Submarine, Hot Entries, Production Zone, Audio Production, Moving Image Production, Print Production


  • 20% of A Level Qualification, 40% of AS
  • An Analysis of a Film Extract: (30 Marks)
  • Creative Project: (40 Marks)
  • Reflective Analysis: (10 Marks)

FM1 Unit Introduction

WJEC: “This unit focuses on the micro features of film and the construction of meaning and emotion?. Macro features form the basis for the examined AS module, FM2 although it is accepted by the exam board that it is often difficult to separate macro features narrative and genre from a micro analysis. In this regard, linking two should be encouraged and not repressed e.g. “the sequence in Moulin Rouge cuts to a static wide shot with a number of performers on stage; choreographing evidences symmetry and elaborate dress in preparation for a dance number - this is typical of the musical genre?.

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Understanding will be developed by:

  • Studying micro features
  • Identifying how these construct meaning and generate sensory impact
  • Reflecting on an individual response to micro features (film – spectator)
  • Creating a sequence demonstrating how micro features produce meaning and responses

WJEC: “Throughout this unit, the emphasis will be on the interaction of

Film and Spectator


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An Analysis of a Film Extract (1500 Words)

One or more of the below must be explored within a 1500 word analysis (10% tolerance only either way) of an extract that is between 3-5 minutes long (this is the recommended length). It is also recommended that the analysis is supported by relevant illustrative visual material e.g. screenshots (ideally of the sequence you are analysing) or publicity material like film posters that link directly to the micro analysis. This is an individual piece - a whole class cannot submit work analysing the same extract – The FilmEdu exemplar response below is

stimulus material only. Areas of analysis are:

  1. Mise-en-scene: setting/location, lighting and colour, objects and props, staging and space, costume/dress,...

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