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WJEC AS Film FM2 British and American Film Sec A Producers and Audiences: Only Lovers Left Alive

Rob Miller | Wednesday September 16, 2015

Categories: A Level, EDUQAS A Level, EDUQAS AS, FM2, Section A: Producers and Audiences, Analysis, Film Analysis, Films & Case Studies, Directors, Jim Jarmusch, Non-Hollywood Films, Only Lovers Left Alive, Genres & Case Studies, Drama, Horror, Romance

Independent Film Case Study: Only Lovers Left Alive (Jarmusch, 2014)

This resource focuses on one independent film, Only Lovers Left Alive. It is intended to be used as stimulus in helping to understand the definitions of independent film. For a full guide on Section A please access: WJEC AS FM2 British & American Film Producers and Audiences Resource Items.

Only Lovers Left Alive (2014) was directed by Jim Jarmusch and starred Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, John Hurt and Mia Wasikowska. Despite the obvious casting of established well known actors the film can be classified as ‘independent’ in terms of low production values at $7m and limited distribution by Soda Pictures (a UK independent film distributor). Jim Jarmusch is associated with writing and directing independent films for a discerning older more niche target audience but with a significantly younger educated ABC1 secondary demographic. Along with Only Lovers Left Alive Jarmusch films like Down by Law (1986), Night on Earth (1991) and Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) achieved critical but not commercial success. Only Lovers Left Alive belongs to the Vampire sub genre of Horror and explores in particular Jarmusch’s fascination with gothic culture. See trailer at: Only Lovers Left Alive (2014) Official Trailer.

Independent films like Only Lovers Left Alive are stereotypically associated with limited distribution. This means they don’t get sent to many cinemas and not much money is spent on advertising the film and it is often hard to track the films down. Only Lovers Left Alive (OLLA) was shown at less than 80 UK cinemas after the initial critical success it received premiering at Cannes Film Festival in May 2013 and LFF (London Film Festival) in October 2013. It was globally toured around over 30 film festivals generating international interest in the latest film from the pen and camera of a controversial director with a pre existing fan base. For Jarmusch 80...

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