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Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers Case Study

vikiwalden | Thursday November 10, 2011

Categories: Analysis, Film Analysis, Films & Case Studies, Non-Hollywood Films, Wallace and Gromit, Genres & Case Studies, Animation, 1990 Onwards, British Film, Comedy, Crime, Independent, Hot Entries, CCEA, CCEA Case Studies



It is Gromit’s birthday and he is feeling particularly ignored by Wallace. When the post arrives, he eagerly seeks it out but find a rather tacky and unoriginal card ‘To a dear dog’ from Wallace and nothing else. Wallace presses his alarm for breakfast and reminds Gromit that it is his turn for breakfast, so Gromit obliges. Wallace finally gives Gromit his presents, which bemuse him - a collar and lead (so he can finally look like he “belongs to someone?) and techno-trousers that can take him for walks.

Gromit goes for a walk with the techno-trousers, but is distressed by the experience. After his return, Wallace doesn’t seem to notice that Gromit is unhappy. Wallace invites a Penguin to view his spare room because he is worried about money, however the Penguin takes Gromit’s room. Uncomfortable with the situation, but needing the money, he moves Gromit into the decaying old room. The Penguin starts trying to impress Wallace; he retrieves his sleepers and the newspaper, beating Gromit who is beginning to feel ignored.

One night when the Penguin plays music extremely loud and Gromit’s anger is ignored, he moves out into the dog kennel. He watches as Wallace and the Penguin share tea and Wallace offers him “more cheese? (his usual catchphrase towards Gromit). Gromit decides to leave. He packs a few of his belongings into a bag and a tear comes to his eye as he looks at a photograph of Wallace and him. In the stormy, rainy weather Gromit leaves and spends the night sleeping in a rubbish bin. The Penguin realises his plan has worked and adapts the techno-trousers so that he can control them. When Wallace awakes in the morning, he slides into the techno-trousers rather than his own, and the Penguin makes him dash all over the town. Gromit is outside a newsagents looking solemnly at the advertisements for rooms that state “no dogs allowed?. He spots a Wanted poster for a chicken (The Penguin in disguise), when he...

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