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Titanic Case Study

vikiwalden | Wednesday November 02, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Analysis, Film Analysis, Films & Case Studies, Hollywood Films, Titanic, Genres & Case Studies, Adventure, Disaster, Drama, History, Hot Entries

Paper 1 | Disaster Movies Case Study | Titanic



The credit sequence shows archive footage of the real Titanic taking off for its maiden (and only) voyage.

An excavation team, led by Brock, search the Titanic wreck for Hartley’s chest, but when they find it, it does not have the treasure they were looking for- a necklace: the heart of the ocean. However, they do discovered a drawing of a woman, Rose, which they advertise on the news. Rose, aged 101, sees the news programme and contacts the team. She travels to their boat and tells them her story.

Flashback: Rose and her fiancé, Cal, arrive at the Titanic, meanwhile Jack wins his ticket in a poker game and races to board. The ship sets sail. At dinner, Mr Andrews and Mr Ismay explain how grand the ship is and that it is unsinkable. Rose questions the number of lifeboats and Andrews explains there are not enough for all of the passengers.

Rose feeling suffocated by her mother and Cal’s constant orders regarding how she may act, excuses herself from dinner. It is then, that Jack notices her from the lower deck. Later that evening, Rose tries to throw herself off the ship, but Jack saves her life. Cal tries to have him arrested, until Rose explains that he saved her; to impress Rose, Cal reluctantly invites him to dinner the next evening.

Hartley gives Rose his early engagement present, the heart of the ocean necklace. After which, Rose meets with Jack to thank him, they begin to get close. When Jack is teaching Rose how to ‘spit like a man’, her mother spots them. Molly offers to help Jack by lending him a dinner suit. At dinner, Cal and Rose’s mother try to embarrass Jack, but with little success; he turns down the offer of cigars and brandy with the men, choosing instead to take Rose to a ‘real party’ in the lower decks. Rose has a great time, but is spotted by Lovejoy, Cal’s man servant. Cal scorns her at breakfast, later her mother explains that she must...

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