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The Day After Tomorrow Case Study

vikiwalden | Tuesday November 01, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Analysis, Film Analysis, Films & Case Studies, Hollywood Films, The Day After Tomorrow, Genres & Case Studies, Action Adventure, Disaster, Drama, Hot Entries

Paper 1 | Disaster Movies Case Study | The Day After Tomorrow



The Day After Tomorrow starts with a view of the Antarctica, segments of ice float in the sea in this beautiful natural landscape. A team of American scientists led by Jack are drilling in the ice, suddenly the shelf splits and they are separated from their equipment.

At a UN Conference in New Delhi Jack tries to warn the world’s leaders, but they refuse to the threat of global warming seriously when he states it could happen anytime- 50, 100 or more years’ time. The leaders are more concerned about their economies. Outside the conference it is snowing, the worse weather India has ever seen.

In the Hedland Research Centre, Scotland, Simon notices one of the buoys registering a severe drop in temperature- he ignores it taking it as a malfunction. Meanwhile, in the Chiyoda district of Tokyo, Japan large lumps of ice begin to rain down, killing several people.

Jack is scolded by his boss because the Vice President has cut their research budget after his proclamations at the UN Conference. Jack drive his son, Sam, to the airport, but is late- again.

From the NASA space station astronauts see a gigantic storm system over the Northern Hemisphere. Sam’s flight suffers major turbulence, he feels uncertain. Back at the Hedland Centre, Simon tries to explain to Professor Terry Rapson that the buoy is just a malfunction, until they realise there are three reports of temperature drops in different locations. Terry alerts Jack that things are starting already- the effects of global warming are going to happen now, not in 50-100 years’ time. Tornadoes then hit L.A, whilst Sam and his team, unaware, are doing well in their educational competition in New York.

A meeting is held between important scientists and Jack tries to convince the Vice President that they must evacuate the Northern cities, but he does not listen. Meanwhile J.D, one of the home contestants of the...

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