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The Dark Knight Case Study

nicoleponsford | Thursday November 03, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Analysis, Film Analysis, Films & Case Studies, Hollywood Films, The Dark Knight, Genres & Case Studies, Action, Crime, Drama, Superhero, Hot Entries

Paper 1 | Superhero Films Case Study | The Dark Knight



The Dark Knight opens with a bank robbery in which the Joker kills his accomplices. A news report then explains that public opinion of Batman is decreasing, yet when Batman tries to stop some gangsters a number of ‘copycat’ Batmen try to help him.

At home, recovering from his wounds, Bruce Wayne (Batman) pines after his lost love Rachel, who is now going out with Harvey Dent, Gotham’s new District Attorney. Harvey and Rachel lead a prosecution court case, after which Harvey makes it clear to Gordon that he wants Batman on their side. Gordon explains the next plan to Harvey- to raid Gotham’s banks and take the Mobsters’ money.

Wayne and the board talk with Lau about a large business deal. Wayne decides not to go ahead with it because he believes the money has been accessed illegally. When Harvey takes Rachel out for dinner, Wayne appears in the restaurant (which he owns) and pulls their tables together- they discuss Batman.

The Mob leaders in Gotham move their funds into one secure account to prevent their money being raided from banks. When Gordon raids the banks he finds nothing, as Lau (their accountant) has taken the money already. The Joker interrupts the Mobster’s meeting offering to kill Batman for half of the money; they turn him down wanting him dead.

Wayne heads to China with his assistant Lucius. Lucius meets Lau and informs him that Wayne Enterprise will not be proceeding with the deal; meanwhile he sets up the technology to allow Batman to capture and return Lau to Gotham. Rachel investigates Lau and discovers the Mobsters’ deposit; his means they can convict them of all crimes as one collective - and they do so.

The Joker kills a Batman imposter; he attaches his joker calling card to the victim with the DNA of his next three victims. He threatens to kill someone every day until Batman reveals his true identity. Harvey is one of the...

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