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Student Examples of Micro Analysis | Low Level Work

nicoleponsford | Wednesday October 12, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Analysis, Film Analysis, Micro Analysis, Hot Entries


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  • Student Examples of Micro-Analysis - Low Level Work.doc

Student Examples of Micro Analysis | My Favourite Film

Just as it is important to show students examples of excellent work, showing them work which could be improved can be just as helpful. Look at the two examples below. By asking students to improve and comment on these examples below, students can both apply the assessment objectives, understand what not to do and it will give your struggling students confidence!

Student Example 1 | Stepbrothers | Level 1

In this example a student analyses the Will Ferrel film, Stepbrothers

In this essay i will be investigating signs and signifed meaning and describeing the sound , mise en sen, camera work and editing by using a clip from youtube.

sound : the beats at the start is buiding tenchin to show that they dont like eachother and then the music gets better when they start to like eachother later on in the film and then the sound of the happy music when they are going on there dads and mums boat.

Mise en scene : 

costume, props and makeup - the costume just normal clothes, props are tools to make the bunk bed and there is only some make up on the actors.
choice of actors (age, what type of films are they in, what are they known for, why have they chosen them)
Lighting - bright lighting when they are making the bunk beds, bright ;lighting when they are having the first interview, the 2nd interview has bright lighting, 3rd interview has dark lighting.

Camera work : At the start of the film the camera do a close up on bothe of them then the camera goes in the middle of them and then a pan when one of them is laying down then birds eye view on dale when the other one is barrering him then they get a pan shot when they go the short way home to get beat up.

Editing : when they are in a interview dale farts and they make it a really long fart by editing it, put fake private parts on dales drum set, putting the...

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