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Spectatorship Experimental/Expanded Film: The Blood of a Poet

Rob Miller | Friday September 09, 2016

Categories: A Level, EDUQAS A Level, EDUQAS A2, FM4, Section B: Spectatorship Topics

Past Exam Questions

  1. ‘The experience of watching experimental film is so different from watching mainstream fictional film that the spectator often feels unease and boredom’. Discuss this statement with reference to the films you have studied for this topic.
  2. Explore how distinctive elements in the experimental films you have studied have an impact on the spectator.
  3. Explore how far your viewing of experimental or expanded film/video has made you more aware of issues in spectatorship.
  4. ‘Experimental and expanded film/video most often offers artistic representations which open our senses to new ways of experiencing aspects of our world’. Explore what kind of demands this makes on the spectator.
  5. In relation to experimental and expanded film/video, how important for the spectator is the physical space and cultural context of the exhibition?
  6. Experimental and expanded film/video often seems to have been made to challenge the spectator. How true is this in relation to the films you have studied for this topic?

It is initially important to define the concept of spectatorship in how we, as an audience, are positioned into feeling, thinking and often judging including emotional, sensory and cognitive responses. Many experimental and expanded films/video have encoded ideology that may not always be manifest to the spectator and indeed can be negotiated in terms of meaning. Films may be as much categorised as art and as much as moving image media with the physical and cultural context important in decoding meaning. In an exhibition, for example, the spectator often surrenders to the film experience as part of the environment of reception whereas critical analysis may be facilitated more in a traditional viewing environment.

In the exam, analysis should explore two short or feature length films while this resource gives one additional case study only to compliment an existing resource.

The Blood of a Poet (Jean Cocteau, 1930)


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