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Rachel Getting Married Case Study

vikiwalden | Tuesday November 08, 2011

Categories: A Level, EDUQAS A Level, EDUQAS AS, FM2, Analysis, Film Analysis, Films & Case Studies, American, Rachel Getting Married, Genres & Case Studies, Drama, Romance, Social Realism

Section C: American Comparative Study



Kym awaits the arrival of her father and step mother, Carol to pick her up from rehab. When she arrives home the house is chaotic amidst her sister’s wedding arrangements. Kym and her sister, Rachel reminisces about their childhood and appear to have a close relationship.

Paul, Kym’s dad, will not let her borrow a car because of a past incident, so Kym has to cycle to attend her addicts’ meeting and drugs test. When she returns and is introduced to the groom and best man, she recognises the best man, Kieran from her meetings. They have sex and she jests about them having created a new tradition for the best man and maid of honour, only to discover she is not Rachel’s maid of honour, instead her best friend, Emma, is. Rachel and Kym argue, but she eventually convinces her sister (reluctantly) to let her be the maid of honour.

At the wedding rehearsal, one of the guests mentions Ethan and both Rachel and Kym look sorrowful. Their mother appears incredibly late, yet whilst Kym is excited to see her, she seems awkward towards Kym.  Through the speeches Kym learns that Rachel and Sidney are moving to Hawaii. Rachel finally gives a speech in which she babbles about her past, but comes to apologise to her sister and thank her for being there for her.

After the rehearsal, Rachel and Kym argue again, Rachel criticises Kym for being selfish during the speeches with her rehab references and making the day ‘all about her’. In the middle of the argument Rachel reveals she is pregnant and everyone celebrates; feeling ignored, Kym walks out. At the addicts’ meeting, Kym tells her companions about the day she accidently killed her younger brother, Ethan, in a car accident when she was 16 and on drugs.

Back at home, Rachel is trying to plan her wedding seating plan when Kym appears and asks where she is sat. Their dad explains she is on the family table, whilst Emma (for Rachel)...

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