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jeremy | Monday September 12, 2011

Categories: Production Zone, Print Production


The print material usually relates to the study in an earlier module of genres such as Advertising, Magazines or British newspapers. The print course work should be in the same genres such as journalism/newspapers/magazines or advertising copy and images. Three pages are the minimum required. There is no harm in doing an extra page, and a cover page for a magazine. A very small percentage of your final product can be ‘found’ material.

Exam Alert. It is best to only use original material as examiners are very hot on plagiarism, copyright issues and the use of other people’s material.

If you feel you have to use a found picture you must label it as such and reference its source.


To produce a front page and inside pages of a local newspaper, generic content includes:

  • A lead story
  • Local news stories
  • Relevant photographs
  • Local ‘parish pump’content such as births and deaths, what’s on etc.
  • Sports pages
  • Health and beauty features
  • Property editorial and advertisements
  • A range of large and small advertisements
  • Competitions such as Spot the Ball, crossword
  • Your stars
  • Local music and drama reviews

Newspaper style lay out and presentation is most important.

The newspaper should look like a professionally produced paper in terms of the codes and conventions of the lay out:

  • Title and masthead
  • Different fonts sizes for major headlines and secondary story
  • Headlines
  • Different column sizes and widths
  • Photographs with wrapped text
  • Integrated adverts
  • The way the stories are distributed with hard news stories on the front page
  • Colour and black and white photos and illustrations

The technical quality of all work should be as high as possible and the newspaper printed on high quality A3 or tabloid size paper so that the photographs reproduce well. It is a good idea to do a short test run using the software so that students have a chance to practice and get used to manipulating images.

The examiners look for a good match...

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