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OCR A2 Film Studies Creative Investigation in Film

Rob Miller | Monday September 14, 2015

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR A2

The purpose of this unit is to assess students’ ability to independently research, investigate and analyse a film based topic and present the findings and to assess the students’ application of knowledge and understanding to the planning and construction of a creative realisation. It is also designed to assess students’ application of knowledge and understanding in evaluating their own work. This project is produced independently but may have the assistance of others.

1. Research

a. Independent Research Project: Edusites Film Example - An Auteur Study of Martin Scorsese (40 Marks)

b. Planning: evidence of planning for a filmed sequence within the field of Film Studies. Edusites Film Example: Planning for a 5-minute Gangster Film in the style of Martin Scorsese (10 Marks)

2. Creative Realisation

a. A creative realisation of the work planned. Edusites Film Example: Filming and editing a 5-minute gangster film in the style of Martin Scorsese (30 Marks)

b. A critical evaluation of the work produced (20 Marks)

F634 Introduction

This A2 coursework is designed to extend and enhance the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in other units. The purpose of the coursework is also to broaden students’ critical appreciation of film from both the perspective of spectator and of creative producer.

It is important that the right amount of time is spent on the project. Aim to devote 10-12 weeks to F634.

At the beginning, or as near to the beginning of the year as possible, negotiate the coursework project. In the first instance, the sessions will be researching coursework on F634 before exam teaching commences; you may have started researching the coursework during AS transition.

The coursework is split into two: a research element entitled Independent Research Project and this project is comprised of two parts: analytical research and planning (see full details below). This should always be undertaken first with the...

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