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KS4 Film Studies Starters

nicoleponsford | Wednesday September 12, 2012

Categories: GCSE, WJEC GCSE, Hot Entries, Starters, KS4 Film Studies Starters


A-Z of Films

Students are to think as many films as they can either for one letter: ‘A’ is for Amelie, American Pyscho. Or they have to think of one for A, then B etc.

Test Your Technical Knowledge

Show a music video and get the students to write down as many examples of a moving image technique:

  • Camerawork
  • Editing
  • Sound
  • Mise En Scene
  • Special Effects

As music videos are about 3 minutes long, you have time for them to discuss/ share their thoughts as a class.

A Mix Up

Using key words, jumble up the words and get students to write them correctly with a definition. They can also include an example from a film!

‘Strike a Pose’ Camerawork ICT

If you have access to webcams, this is a great energising activity. If you do not, you could use school cameras or their mobile phones (dependent on school policy). In this, they are in small groups. You then give them a pose or a scene from a film and they have to reinact it and include the camera angle / movement or position. You can then choose to print or delete the results.

For example:

  • Close Up (CU) - scared - horror victim
  • Long Shot (LS) - western - 2 shot

Editing ICT

By having a range of video clips on your server, students can access and play around with this (or see Editsense for details). This means you can get them logged on and editing as a short activity. For extension work, give them still images before - or after - this to ‘sort’ into a narrative / storyboard.

Musical Storyboards

Play a piece of music. Classical or film scores work best here. You can either play one piece (needs to be at least 4 minutes) or a range. Students then ‘interpret’ the tone and create a narrative around this. To help focus the students, you (or they) can choose some aspects to scaffold their learning:

  • At least two characters
  • Location
  • Genre
  • Prop

What’s The Noise?

Screen an extract of moving image. This could be as an introduction to a topic or text. Eliminate the sound - turn the...

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