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iTraining | Reading Moving Image

nicoleponsford | Wednesday November 16, 2011

Categories: GCSE, A Level, Analysis, Film Analysis, Hot Entries


Guide for Teaching the Whole Text

When teaching the whole text there are several things to be aware of: some are planning, some are teaching and learning strategies. This guide is to help you be aware of what needs to happen before you start, so once you have that film on - you are confidence that the students will be analysing a text, rather than watching it. This is applicable for teachers of all ages and abilities.

You may also want to think about how other subjects prepare students for studying a moving image text in other subjects. We all know that the end of term is problematic as (mainly) senior staff think people pop a film on so they don’t have to work. Part of being part of a subject area which teaches moving image is to raise the profile and awareness of others of media literacy/ digital literacy/ film literacy. One way of doing this is to get SLT on board. Create teaching checklists, help sheets so if an English or History group are watching a subject specific film - why not get them to discuss camera angles or costume? Many schools are now using media (for television, online and video game images)/ film literacy and an appreciation of film as a whole school initiative. Some of the ideas below will also extend to a less detailed discussion of the text.

If you are concerned about which film you should show in its entirety, you have a few options. Some will be recommended by the exam board, or will be specifically named. If you are choosing one for a screening based around genre, you could do it based on one of our schemes of work, ask us (email or blog) or consider the following:

  1. What is the teaching objective? Does this film show what you want to teach clearly?
  2. How does this convey the messages or meanings you want the students to learn? Think if this is across the whole text, or just part.
  3. Is this a good academic example? Why?
  4. Is this a good quality resource? Will you be able to screen it without risk of...

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