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iTraining | How to Teach Print in the Classroom

nicoleponsford | Thursday November 24, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, Production Zone, Print Production


The WJEC course allows you to go beyond teaching only moving image and will allow you to bring in some print for the internal assessment. This is helpful if you are a non-specialist teacher and feel that print is a ‘safer’ medium for you to begin with. There are a few resources on the FilmEdu site to get you started.

  • Producing Printed Image Texts
  • Digital Cameras and Photography This an excellent guide for using cameras and the appropriate language / techniques.
  • Deconstructing Film Posters
  • Film Poster Analysis
  • How to Teach Photography

What is Print?

Print can be addressed in the following ways for the course. It is normally classified as hard copy print. These include:

  • Marketing |  film teaser poster or poster campaign, billboard, display for a cinema foyer, merchandise (t-shirts, magazines, ‘trump cards’)
  • Exhibition |  film magazine, DVD or soundtrack CD cover, newspapers,  press pack
  • Local Level |  School or collage magazine / newspaper


All print work has a digital final production, so you will need to be able to use an ICT room or have access to Desk Top Publishing software. For both PCs and Macs, Adobe Photoshop CS5 will do all you need and is industry standard. Gimp is also credited by OCR as relevant digital image editing software - although obviously not as sophisticated as Adobe Photoshop. If you are using Photoshop, it is worth spending time on explaining layers. A layer is basically one image stacked over another. So, if you had an image of a desert background (layer 1), an image of your star (layer two), with writing over it (layer 3) - you would have three layers to manipulate.  If you spend time on this first, it will make the editing process much easier for your students to get their head around.

It is best to purchase / use software that would be used outside of the classroom. If you have no choice or say in the software your Film Studies students can use, you will have to use Microsoft Powerpoint...

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