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Film Studies Internal Assessment Guide

nicoleponsford | Thursday November 17, 2011

Categories: GCSE, A Level, Hot Entries

GCSE Film Studies Internal Assessment

There are four pieces of work:

Film Exploration

1. Industry Research
2. Micro-Analysis of a Film Sequence

Pitch and Production

3. A linked pitch and preproduction
4. A production and an evaluative analysis

Film Exploration

Film Exploration consists of two elements:

1. Industry Research

This aspect of the film exploration introduces students to some of the areas involved in producing, distributing and exhibiting a film of their own choice. We at FilmEdu have chosen ‘My Favourite Film’ in the SOW. Students complete brief research on a film of their choice addressing the following topics:

  • Production: Who made it and how?
  • Distribution: Who sold it and how?
  • Exhibition: Why have audiences chosen to see it? Who saw it? Why? Where?

Please see our checklist and mark sheet to help you with this.

Research Your Favourite Film Checklist

2. Micro Analysis

Micro Analysis of a film sequence from candidate’s chosen film. This is a maximum of 5 minutes. it should be 350-750 words and look at the micro features of the extract. The specification says to look at one or more. It is good to get students used to understanding the different techniques used in films, so it is beneficial for them to look at 3-5. As you can see from the FilmEdu Scheme of Work, you can teach the exam film analysis and teach both the skills needed for the internal and external assessment at the start of this course. These can be:

  • Camerawork
  • Editing
  • Sound - diegetic and non-diegetic
  • Mise En Scene, including lighting
  • Special Effects

Here are some examples of work to illustrate this in your class:

Student Examples of Micro Analysis Work

3a. and 3b. Pitch and Pre-Production

3a. Pitch

The students create a sales pitch for an original film. It should be 150 words and begin with a log line. Most centres use PPT for this.

It should include brief notes on:

  • A ‘log line’ (a one sentence summary of the film’s narrative)
  • Genre
  • At...

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