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Fight Club Screening Questions

nicoleponsford | Sunday October 23, 2011

Categories: A Level, EDUQAS A Level, EDUQAS A2, FM4, Section C: Single Film Critical Study, Films & Case Studies, Hollywood Films, Fight Club, Genres & Case Studies, Drama, Hot Entries


Associated Resources

  • Screening Questions Pre-FM4 Close Study of Fight Club.doc

For each of the following films, you will need to be able to make notes on, compare and explain the following texts in relation to Fight Club.

Using American Beauty / Being John Malcovich / The Matrix you need to be aware of both the micro and macro features in relation to:

  • Narrative and Narrative Themes, Ideology
  • Changing Representations of Masculinity
  • Genre and Genre Conventions
  • Audience Responses, Critical and Commercial Success

These questions will help you to focus your critical reading and understanding of the close study text. Make notes on the following in relation to each of the three supportive films. Be prepared that you will discuss these ideas with the class.

  • What is the film about, how is meaning constructed?
  • What genre conventions (through mise-en-scene and technical codes) are apparent?
  • What different audiences responses to the film could there be?
  • Identify if the film received critical or commercial success?
  • Identify the narrative themes and evidence of encoded ideology
  • Narrative themes of some / or all of below:
    • Pre millennium angst
    • Postmodern representations and pastiche
    • Technology and portals
    • Corporate power and control
    • Greed
    • Advertising
    • Corruption
    • Globalisation
    • Liberation
    • Anarchy
    • Individual and political freedoms
    • Representations of gender, in particular changing representations of masculinity

Whole Class Discussion / Extended Questions from WJEC

1. How does the film work to generate emotion? This could be an emphasis upon relatively straight forward issues like the use of mise-en-scene, staging and sound ,or more the complex themes of identification and spectator alignment with particular characters?

2. How far does the spectator feel consciously manipulated by the film and, by contrast, how far does the emotional power of the film derive from a combination of elements which are difficult to pin down?

3. How far does the...

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