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Exemplar WJEC & OCR AS Lesson Plan | An Introduction to the Film Industry

Rob Miller | Wednesday November 12, 2014

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR AS, EDUQAS A Level, EDUQAS AS, FM1, Film Industry, Hot Entries

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  • Edusites Lesson Plan Template.docx

NB. Please note this is a suggested template, your school may require a different layout.

Length of Lesson (minutes): 60
Lesson Title: An Introduction to the Film Industry


This lesson would be delivered in the first week after induction of an AS Film Studies course, whether WJEC or OCR. It is a generic introduction to the core Film Studies concepts underpinning this academic subject.

Aims and Objectives

To introduce students to film production, distribution and exhibition (exchange) as areas of study, through linking with specification requirements and exemplar textual analysis. Students will understand industry links between film production, distribution and exchange but also begin to understand the affects of digital technology on film.

Sequence of Activity/Resources

  • Plenary introduction to Aims and Objectives followed by open question: Activity 1: Write down the last film you saw at the cinema? Write down who starred in it, who directed it, who produced it, who distributed it and the name of the cinema you saw it at? Feedback to the group (targeted Q n A). Point – most students will only be able to respond with the actor and cinema part of the question. 5 min
  • Project Page 22, Table 2.1 of the 2014 BFI Statistical Yearbook. Discuss the top 10 films but identify, using a supporting PPT slide the Big 6 Film Distributors – students take notes followed by a plenary summarising briefly the role of a film distributor/production company. 10 min
  • Project the following logos with, wherever possible the name obscured – Film4, Working Title, Universal Studios, BFI, Vue, Picturehouse, NetFlix with key questions – Who are they, what is their film industry role? Targeted Q&A with supporting plenary – students take notes on a grid, identifying each organisation as either Film Production Company, Film Distributor or Film Exhibitor. 5 min
  • Activity 2: In groups watching clip...

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