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Exemplar WJEC A2 Lesson Plan | Introduction to Bollywood as a National Cinema

Rob Miller | Monday November 17, 2014

Categories: A Level, EDUQAS A Level, EDUQAS A2, FM4, Section A: World Cinema, Genres & Case Studies, Bollywood, Hot Entries

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  • Edusites Lesson Plan Template.docx

NB. Please note this is a suggested template, your school may require a different layout.

Length of Lesson (minutes): 60
Lesson Title: An Introduction to Bollywood as a National Cinema


This lesson would be delivered in the first or second week after the Christmas break with the assumption that students are close to completing their FM3 projects – an understanding of World Cinema has been embedded but needs to be revisited at the start of the lesson before this specific, examined Section A: World Cinema topic is introduced.

Aims and Objectives

To introduce students to Bollywood film production, distribution and exhibition as key areas of study - linking with specification requirements, specific exam questions and exemplar textual analysis. Students will begin to understand what Bollywood Cinema is, and is not, its origins and status as World Cinema.

Sequence of Activity/Resources

  • Plenary introduction to Aims and Objectives followed by open question: Activity 1: Write down a definition of World Cinema with an example of a film text, justifying why this is categorised as such – what is the difference, in terms of cultural connotations between World Cinema and non-English language film? Students individually respond to targeted q and a that is developed by the teacher, referencing the ability levels of the group and level of difficulty of the second key question. 10 min
  • Open question – is World Cinema labelled as film from Third World countries with an emerging film industry, and is India a Third World country? Factor this into a debate on the following Rosie Thomas quote on Bollywood, projected on the Smart Board for students to study, question and take down: “The Movies seem to be the single most powerful force in the formation of mass culture. The popularity and tremendous appeal of films and film music to the majority of Indians is a prime example…..With the...

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