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Cloverfield Case Study

vikiwalden | Thursday September 08, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Films & Case Studies, Hollywood Films, Cloverfield, Genres & Case Studies, Disaster, Hot Entries

Paper 1 | Disaster Movies Case Study | Cloverfield



Rob has received an offer for a Vice Company President job in Japan; his brother, Jason, and Jason’s girlfriend, Lily are throwing him a going away party.

Jason nominates Rob’s best friend, Hudson (Hud) to collect video testimonies of the guests, as a leaving present for Rob. As Jason and Rob are discussing Rob’s affair with Beth, an old friend and the girl he loves, suddenly there is a rumble and the New York skyline momentarily blacks out behind them.

The television news reports a potential earth quake and the sinking of an oil tanker in the bay near the Statue of Liberty, however another attack occurs and as the guests evacuate the party, they discover it is something far more sinister - an unknown creature is attacking Manhattan.

Spoiler alert: Rob, Jason, Hud, Lily and their friend Marlena try to escape the island over Manhattan bridge, but it is hit by the Monster and Jason dies. Rob receives a phone call from Beth, who is trapped in Mid-town. The group cross back into the centre of the city to hunt down Beth. When they find her, she has been pierced through the chest by a metal pole; however the group of friends manage to rescue her. They are nevertheless later attacked by the Monster, again leaving only Rob and Beth who give their testimonies to the camera, before it cuts out, leaving only the ironic earlier footage of their day trip together, in which Beth says “I had a nice day.?


  • Budget: $25,000,000
  • Production Company: Paramount Pictures presents, a Bad Robot Production
  • Director: Matt Reeves | First major feature film
  • Writer: Drew Goddard | Previously worked on Lost and Alias (TV series)
  • Producer: JJ Abrams | Previously worked on Lost and Alias (TV series)

At the point of Cloverfield’s release JJ Abrams was the new, big name in Hollywood due to the phenomenal success of Lost. Lost had a complex narrative structure and a supernatural feel,...

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