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British Film and Horror

Richard Gent | Friday November 13, 2015

Categories: A Level, EDUQAS A Level, EDUQAS AS, FM2, Section B: British Film Topics, Community Q&A, British Film and Horror

Does anyone have any suggestions for the case study films for British Film and Horror for the WJEC unit Section B of the exam? We have been looking at 28 Days Later & Shaun of the Dead but I feel like these are getting bit out dated & would like to update - any suggestions welcome! Many thanks,Tess

Edusites Film has commissioned a resource to cover some more contemporary films. See: WJEC AS Film Studies FM2 Section B British Film: The Quiet Ones and Hush Richard Gent

It’s no more modern, but have you tried My Little Eye? It’s 2002 but pretty good and lots to discuss. Jane Edwards

The Descent works perfectly for representation of women – with the classic final girl. The Woman in Black is good for looking at the resurgence of Hammer and traditional ‘ghost story’. Donna Hardy

Hey. I agree there has been a paucity of standout British horror films of late but I still think 28 Days Later & Shaun of the Dead work really well for this section, both great examples of how directors can take an established formula and transform it; the same but different! Both also have a very particular sense of Britishness which is vital for this section. The third film I have added to my selection is Ben Wheatley’s Kill List. A real genre-bending offering (is it a horror, hitman, kitchen sink drama?) that manages to both borrow (rural horror e.g. Wicker Man, Race with the Devil) and subvert all at the same time. Like 28 Days & Shaun it is quintessentially British, making great use of it’s Sheffield locations. It is rather disturbing at times, but it’s always garnered a big response (good and bad!) from my students, especially with its twist ending. Attached are some notes to help navigate Kill List. Hope it helps someone; it’s a great film! Lee Clark

  • Kill List Notes

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