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Approaches to Teaching New Spec A Level Film Studies with Edusites

Barry Rainsford | Wednesday March 21, 2018

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, Analysis, Film Analysis, Film Industry, Films & Case Studies, Key Concepts, Audience, Film Language, Genre, Narrative, Representation, Key Skills, Cinematography, Editing, Filming, Mise-en-Scene, Planning, Pre-Production, Reflective Analysis, New Spec, Posters, Theory, Auteur Theory, Film Theory, Queer Theory, Spectatorship Theory, Theorists

Commencing 2017 for 2019 Assessment

Each term we provide a Core Unit, with an Exam Specific Section focussing on set films, and a Non Examined Assessment (NEA) Section based on the Department for Education Film Studies A Level subject content. (February 2016).

As shown in the table above our A Level Units begin at Unit 1 Film Language through to Unit 5 Film Values and Ideology finishing with an Exam Specific Unit 6.

The intention of the course of study is to enable learners to demonstrate knowledge and understanding. This must involve learners exploring:

  • a diverse range of film
  • the significance of film and film practice in national, global and historical contexts
  • film and its key contexts (social, cultural, political, historical technological)
  • how films generate meaning and response
  • film as commercial product and as artistic expression
  • the different ways in which spectators respond to film.


Each Unit and section has the following materials for learning:

  • A Teacher Scheme of Learning (SOL)
  • Online Slides to be projected for the whole class to see
  • A Student Workbook (can be cut and pasted from the online page into a booklet and printed for the students to work from. See

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