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Steve Cavalier | Thursday September 22, 2011

Categories: Genres & Case Studies, Animation, DIY Animation, Animation Links, Production Zone, Moving Image Production

2D Animation Software

Adobe AfterEffects [PC & Mac]
Publisher: Adobe
License: Free Trial
Comments: Motion graphics and visual effects for film and media.

Animator-9 3.6 [PC]
Publisher: Key Technology
License: Free
Comments: Make animated GIFs from your digital camera.

AniS 1.0 [PC]
Publisher: Tom Whittaker
License: Free
Comments: Simple image manipulation for the web.

Bauhaus Mirage [PC]

Jumpwel [PC]
Publisher: Phildes
License: Free
Comments: Basic object manipulator for use in HTML; uses Java applets.

Macromedia Flash [PC & Mac]
Publisher: Macromedia
License: Free Trial
Comments: The leading name in 2D vector animation.

Macromedia Director [PC & Mac]
Publisher: Macromedia
License: Free Trial
Comments: Create interactive ShockWave content.

Sqirlz Lite 1.1d [PC]
Publisher: xiberpix
License: Free
Comments: Animated image distorter that exports in AVI format.

Sqirlz Morph 1.2c [PC]
Publisher: xiberpix
License: Free
Comments: Animated image morpher and blender. [PC & Mac]

3D Animation Software

3D Studio Max 7.0 [PC]
Publisher: Discreet
License: Free Trial
Comments: Version 7.0 of the award-winning 3D modeling and animation software package. Also comes with trials of Character Studio and Mental Ray.

Anim8tor [PC]

Cyberdelia [PC]
License: Free
Comments: 3D Animation with support for exporting into Macromedia Shockwave.

FreeCAD 8.0 [PC]
License: Free
Comments: Bit of a beginner’s 3D CAD and simulation program.

Maya 6.5 [PC & Mac]
Publisher: Alias WaveFront
License: Free Trial
Comments: The latest version of an industry leader in 3D modeling and animation.

Serif 3D Plus [PC]
Publisher: Serif
License: Free
Comments: Allows animated shapes and landscapes.

TrueSpace 3.2 [PC]
Publisher: Caligari
License: Free
Comments: Full 3D rendering and output. Seems completely free, though you have to register to get an unlock code on the website. Cross-compatible with many programs.


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